Our Happy Customer Testimonials

You won't believe the results our clients have achieved using hypnotherapy. Contact Michael Myers Hypnotherapy today for a FREE phone consultation.
Working with Michael has not only been a pleasure but has also produced measurable results that have changed how I approach each day’s activities. My productivity has increased 10 fold while my stress level has decrease by 90%. Michael’s unique approach brought me immediate results after one session. He is creative, positive and respectful of any boundaries that you may have. Michael’s intuitive nature allows him to identify the root cause of anything that is blocking you from achieving success.

- Andrew, Sales Manager at West Coast Channel

I very highly recommend Michael Myers and his hypnotherapy work without reservation. His sensitivity, intuitiveness, deep understanding and application of the work have helped me break through personal barriers I have struggled with for years. If you are looking to overcome obstacles in your life, please contact Michael, you won't regret it....   

- Michael White, President at Michael White Productions Inc.

How amazing that you could guide me through relaxation to explore the most exciting journeys into my most wildest dreams of achievement! Following each session, I had this force of energy that would ignite me with the ability to do more and more to accomplish my goals. I especially appreciated how you were very mindful and respectful all along the way and took great care to make me comfortable with you and the whole process! I am now succeeding far beyond my expectations. Thank you, Michael for such incredible results!

- Karen Snyders, Entrepreneur

Michael Myers was recommended to me by many people who had experienced real results from his sessions. He is extremely personable and it is easy and quick to see how much he truly cares about his patients. I came to him to learn how to meditate for a variety of results such as; inner peace, less anxiety, focus and motivation, and as of late to help me conquer reoccurring lucid nightmares. Sessions are affordable and effective. I never believed that one person would have the set of skills to help me accomplish all that I wanted and needed to accomplish until I worked with Michael. He is a professional whom I would and will continue to recommend to anyone who has any variety of needs that they need help meeting. I urge you to give this life altering experience a try. There is nothing to lose but much to gain!

- Rachel R.

Michael's spirit centered relaxation meditation methods brought me to a much deeper feeling and sensation of relaxation than I had ever experienced before! I can't wait to go there again and I highly recommend this to anyone wanting - longing - for that moment of simple, peaceful relaxation say aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

- Leanna B. Producer 

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