Try Our Therapeutic Self-Hypnosis

Looking for an All-Natural Alternative to Kick a Personal Habit for Good?

You've tried weight loss therapy to lose the pounds and nicotine patches to stop smoking; now let's discuss an all-natural therapy that really works: hypnosis. We are members of the NGH.

Have you tried to meditate and found it difficult? Michael's technique is so easy and simple that it works with seasoned meditators and beginners alike. Taught in private sessions and recorded on your smartphone.
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Group HypnoMeditation

Every week there is a convenient schedule to fit your busy schedule so you can find the peace and relaxation that is so important for your health and happiness. 

Appropriate for every level of experience: novice to expert; appropriate for ages teenage to seniors. It's easy to turn to alcohol and drugs to get some relief. Even prescription drugs can be a problem. Wouldn't you rather try an all-natural solution to keep your stress, your fears, your anxiety, and your eating under control? Call Michael Myers Hypnotherapy to schedule your appointment today.
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Hypnosis for Golf

Everyone knows that golf is more mental than physical. Win your mental game of golf. Michael D Myers has been practicing for over 20 years and can help you like he's helped so many others. 

Call us today to schedule your package of private sessions to win your mental game of golf. Michael Myers Hypnotherapy also offers a loyalty program, and students get deep discounts on monthly meditation pricing.
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