Hypnosis for Golf

Elevating Sports Hypnosis

You probably did not know that in the 1980 Olympics, there was research done with 4 groups of athletes:
  • 100% physical practice with no mental practice
  • 75% physical practice with 25% mental practice
  • 50/50 mental and physical practice
  • 25% physical practice and 75% mental practice
The group that did the best was the last group: 25% physical practice and 75% mental practice, probably a little surprising. 

Hypnosis Is Also Known as Accelerated Learning

This is why hypnosis is known as accelerated learning. Therefore by doing hypnosis, you are able to change your beliefs and attitudes about you as a golfer. When these thoughts and attitude are changed like the great golfer you know yourself to be, you can be that great golfer. All champion golfers play their game in the zone. Use hypnosis to get you in that championship zone.
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