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The ancient origins of meditation make it one of the oldest forms of spiritual and personal awakening. When you meditate, you take time for yourself. By centering yourself, you have the ability to deal with your daily life in a more resourceful way. As a meditator for over 44 years, let Michael show you how to get the most out of your meditation. HypnoMeditation is so easy and effortless that anyone can find success with meditation.

Learn HypnoMeditation

We have private instruction in this easy technique that takes self-hypnosis and directs it as a meditative technique. Did you know your subconscious mind must do what it's told? So we tell it to go into deep, delicious meditation. And it knows how to do this, too. Sounds good? Call today and get more info. Also, see the group page for our group meditation schedule. We also make house calls for medically challenged people for an additional charge.
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Some Benefits of Meditation

  • Have a simple technique that guides you into a delightful state of peace and serenity. Ahhh, feel the bliss
  • Have a technique that allows you to tap into your infinite potential and use more of find your GREATNESS
  • Have a simple technique that any 5-year old could use with no problem
  • Have a simple technique that gives you the ability to unplug from all the craziness and experience peace and tranquility. "Ahhhhh"
  • Have a simple technique that allows you to recharge and renew yourself: decrease anxiety, increased confidence, improved health, and feel happy
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"As a result of working with Michael, I have had a major transformation that has taken place within my mind after conducting just a few HypoMeditation sessions. I have meditated for years with good results but I must say the deepness and fullness of his techniques take me deeper into the stillness of my mind than any other technique. I immediately noticed a dramatic decrease in the mind chatter of life and the realization of being more at peace with life soon followed. Recently, my adult daughter visited from out of town and summed it up the changes that I have felt since meeting and working with Michael by saying "I am more relaxed and it is Organic in nature." This was huge for me to hear from my daughter and if you are open to change, then I highly recommend working with Michael." 

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