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Michael has spent over 20 years honing his craft as a Hypnotherapist. He has taken numerous courses in hypnosis: working with athletes in hypnosis, teaching self-hypnosis, using regression in hypnosis, innovative hypnotic techniques, and NLP. He is a certified trainer of hypnosis, to highlight a few of the courses he has taken.

When he first started in 1997, he created a small local professional organization of other practicing Hypnotherapists, where he learned the finer points of working with clients with hypnosis. As far as meditation is concerned anyone who accomplishes over 10,000 hours of experience is considered an expert. Michael takes his expertise to a higher lever having completed over 25,000 hours.

Learn Self-Hypnosis From a Professional

He led and facilitated this group for 2 years until it was time to finish his master's degree, which he did in May of 2000 from Chapman University. 

He has also taken 4 years of study on how to work with the subconscious mind where he learned how to direct the subconscious from a spiritual and prayerful viewpoint in Spiritual Counseling.

Michael is a 40+ year meditator and in that time has taken many courses in meditation and knows many different forms of meditation with experience in many of those techniques. He uses self-hypnosis and teaches it both as a therapeutic technique and as a meditative technique.
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About Michael Myers

Below is an article reprinted from La Quinta Gem, 2013

Hypnosis is widely used in Professional Sports and Entertainment 

The purpose of this article is to help the reader appreciate the widespread use of hypnosis: in professional sports and entertainment. There are two comments that are important to mention. First, they have the income that they could use any modality they choose. Secondly, their income and fame is directly related to their performance, so they have dramatic motivation to find a modality that works!  

Hypnosis is a focused state of concentration in which the individual put themselves into a suggestible state. In this suggestible state suggestion are given that can change attitudes and beliefs which then changes their behavior. This is how performance/behavior whether on the field or the stage can be improved.   

Sports hypnosis has actually been used by athletes for years. Back in 1956, the Russian team took 11 hypnotists with them to the Olympics. You might have actually watched the 1988 Seoul Summer Games, where Greg Louganis hit his head on the board when doing a complex dive. With his head gushing blood he had the wound treated while he put earphones on to listen to hypnosis tapes. Greg went out to score a perfect dive and win a gold medal.

Jimmy Connors took advantage of the power of hypnosis before all of his US Open games to win 148 titles and 8 grand slams. Tiger Woods’ father hired a hypnotist for Tiger at age 13. Tiger used hypnosis to keep away distraction and was known to use Self Hypnosis. Jack Nicklaus openly claims that hypnotherapy and visualization are the sole reason for his improved levels of concentration during play, so he could be a pro.

Andre Agassi, used hypnosis for energy, control, focus, strength, and power to win 17 gold masters. There are so many more name that could be listed unfortunately it would make this article longer than space provided. 

The list of entertainer who used hypnosis is equally long, so I can only highlight a few. Florence Henderson of the Brady Bunch resolved her fear of flying with Hypnotherapy. She is quoted to say: “I took classes on hypnosis and eventually became a certified hypnotherapist.” Helen Reddy, a famous singer/actress from Australia has a school of Hypnosis and practices as a clinical hypnotherapist. Both Bruce Willis and James Earl Jones used hypnosis to overcome stuttering.  

Hopefully, you can see the power and effectiveness of hypnosis by the effect it had on the lives mentioned above. Now it’s your turn to tap into the power of hypnosis in your life.

About the Author: Michael Myers has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree from Chapman. He has been a Certified Hypnotherapist for 15 years. He is a Certified Trainer of Hypnosis and has taken many courses to advance his skills like: Using Hypnosis in Working with Athletes. He has an office at the Live Well Clinic in LaQuinta California, where he currently has a class in Hypnosis for Golf Improvement.

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